If you’re suffering from wisdom tooth pain then you’re probably wondering why me? And more importantly, is there a wisdom tooth pain remedy that will ease my discomfort and let me get on with my life?

Few problems cause as much discomfort and disturbance to life than dental pain, particularly when it’s related to a wisdom tooth. It can be anything from continuous throbbing, to ear and jaw ache as well as swelling in the cheeks, mouth, and throat. 

The problems with wisdom teeth have evolved over thousands of years as the human jaw has become smaller. By the time that wisdom teeth start to erupt, most people already have a full set of teeth and consequently, there isn’t room for them to fit into the mouth. 

When this happens, a wisdom tooth has nowhere to go and has to jostle for position with other teeth that are in its way. This continuous pressure results in pain and swelling that’s often associated with wisdom teeth growth. Often, when wisdom teeth erupt they are misaligned and sometimes they get trapped in the gums in what is known as ‘impaction’. This can cause oral infections, sensitivity when chewing, jaw pain, stiffness and swelling.

In severe cases, a person may experience fever, difficulty in moving their jaw and bleeding from around their wisdom teeth. When this occurs, emergency dentistry is required to remove them.

So that’s the cause of wisdom tooth pain but how can the pain be eased? 


Wisdom Tooth Pain Remedy

There are times when you may not be able to get to the dentist and are looking for pain relief remedies you can try at home. 

  • One such remedy is to rinse your mouth frequently with warm saltwater. This helps ease pain and swelling and keeps bacteria at bay that might otherwise cause an infection. treatment wisdom tooth pain remedy randwick
  • If your wisdom tooth pain is being caused by the tooth’s natural progression, applying an ice pack or a cold compress to the side of the jaw where the wisdom tooth is growing may also numb the area and reduce inflammation. 
  • Clove oil dabbed onto a cotton wool bud and applied to the sore spot will also help to ease the pain.
  • Onions too are considered an effective wisdom tooth pain remedy as they are known to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Used at home, it’s recommended to chew on a small piece of onion on the side of the mouth that the pain is coming from. This enables the juice from the onion to wash over the gums, helping to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria. 
  • Should your mouth be bleeding then try reaching out for a teabag. Make a cup of tea (without adding sugar or milk). allow it to cool and place the teabag in your mouth on the side that is bleeding. Leave it there and the tannic acid in the teabag will help stop the bleeding.

These home remedies all help with temporary wisdom tooth pain but they are not a permanent solution. The growing wisdom tooth is likely to carry on causing pain which is likely to worsen over time.


How to get permanent relief from wisdom tooth pain?

Provided your wisdom tooth is progressing normally and there is sufficient space behind the other molars for it to grow into, the good news is that the pain you’re currently feeling from the pressure is only temporary and will subside. 

If you’re having problems with your wisdom teeth it’s always best to visit your dentist for professional help. They will take an x-ray to determine the severity of the problems and based on this will put a treatment plan into place. 

If you have an infection you may be given antibiotics to clear it before any decisions are made regarding wisdom tooth extraction. 

Should a wisdom tooth be found to have impacted not only can it cause severe pain and discomfort but also raises the risk of tooth or gum infection. If you have one or more impacted wisdom teeth then you will probably require emergency dentistry in the form of  surgical extraction. This can be carried out by a dentist experienced in oral surgery or your dentist can refer you to an oral surgeon. 

Some dentists recommend removing wisdom teeth before they have a chance to interfere with other teeth and cause further dental problems. Although not all dentists share this opinion. In these cases,  there is no need for emergency dentistry and they can be treated as standard tooth extractions and removed by your dentist in the clinic with the help of a local anaesthetic. 

Whatever your wisdom tooth problems, you shouldn’t have to suffer from wisdom tooth pain. Instead, book an appointment with Randwick Smiles. Our dentists have considerable experience in dealing with wisdom teeth and their removal.

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