Having wisdom teeth surgery doesn’t have to be something to fear. At Randwick Smiles, we perform wisdom teeth removals almost every day, and we are committed to providing an efficient and gentle procedure for our patients.


What Are Wisdom Teeth And Why Do They Need To Be Removed?

Your wisdom teeth are a third or final set of molars that emerge by your late twenties. In many cases, there isn’t enough space in the jaw by this time, as all permanent adult teeth have emerged, and many people have impacted wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth can erupt partially or horizontally, causing pressure against the adjacent teeth.

Impacted wisdom teeth must be removed because they are difficult to keep clean and are thus prone to infection and tooth decay.

The longer you leave them, the more complex your wisdom teeth removal is likely to be, increasing your costs, as well as your chances of complications and side effects.

Sometimes your dentist may recommend having them all out in one procedure, to minimise the inconvenience to you.


What Are The Symptoms Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Very often impacted wisdom teeth may not present with any symptoms, and you need to have an x-ray in order for your dentist to ensure your wisdom teeth are erupting straight.

Some people find they experience swelling, pain and tenderness at the site of their wisdom teeth. It may bleed a little when you brush or you may have bad breath or a bad odour even after brushing and flossing.

Regular visits to your dentist will ensure that you can adopt a proactive approach to your wisdom teeth dental hygiene and have wisdom teeth removal surgery before infection and decay pose a threat.


Worrying about wisdom teeth surgery? It’s best to have your wisdom tooth surgery done sooner than later. Please contact us for more info: (02) 8188 4625.

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