If you read the comments in a teeth whitening strips review, you almost have to wonder why people still bother with over-the-counter products. All of the negative comments and criticisms are concerned with how effective the product is, how quickly it works, how safe it is and whether it is affordable. And with professional whitening products ticking all of these boxes, we have to ask why patients want to try anything else!


The Truth About Tooth Discolouration

The truth of the matter is that all teeth become more yellow over time, and that’s because of the dentin inside your tooth becoming discoloured. You start out with white dentin but as you age, it starts to become yellow and discolour.

This process can be sped up by other factors like:

Traumas and grinding of teeth

Traumas to our teeth cause them to age. Examples of traumas include teeth grinding and direct blows to the teeth. An ageing tooth becomes yellow more quickly.

Inadequate hydration or nutrition

If you are deficient in nutrients it can cause the dentin in your teeth to discolour. If you don’t drink enough water and become dehydrated, it can affect the colour of your dentin too.

Taking certain medications

Taking certain antibiotics or antidepressants can discolour the dentin of your teeth.

Teeth whitening strips contain a very small amount of hydrogen peroxide, and this amount is not strong enough for the whitening agent to penetrate the tooth, to reach the dentin and whiten the stained molecules.


Can Teeth Whitening Strips Improve Stained Tooth Enamel?

There are also surface stains that can accumulate on your teeth enamel, and these are often exacerbated through lifestyle factors and the actual substances we expose our teeth to.

Eating and drinking dark and colourful foods and beverages can stain the enamel of your teeth. Examples include tea, coffee, cola, red wine and beetroot. Chewing and smoking tobacco products also causes stains to build up on the surface of the teeth.

Rinsing or brushing after eating and drinking can help to minimise the staining that occurs as a result of eating and drinking.


Why Teeth Whitening Strips Aren’t That Effective At Surface Stains

Teeth whitening strips are created in very generic sizes and no two teeth are actually alike. In addition to not having a strong enough concentration of hydrogen peroxide, whitening strips generally do not fit the wearer well enough to produce an even whitening result. Many patients find that the flat surface or front of the tooth is fine, but around the sides of the teeth it becomes difficult because the strips are not customised for you.


Why We Use Professional Teeth Whitening Solutions 

At Randwick Smiles we enjoy working with the Opalescence and Pola ranges of teeth whitening products because patients receive customised trays to use for the duration of their whitening treatments. A custom tray means a good fit and a good fit means a maximum amount of tooth surface is available to be whitened.

Both brands offer different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, so there really is a product for every patient regardless of how much you want to whiten by. Patients who need to whiten their smiles in a short period of time or for a special occasion can have access to a higher strength product.

Working under the guidance of your dentist means professional assistance to achieve your desired result. In the event that you do not achieve it, your dentist can provide you with the help you need to brighten your teeth.

Using a professional whitening system means that patients can lighten their teeth by up to six shades. As most whitening strip reviews indicate, this is far from possible using over-the-counter products – simply because they are not strong enough and do not fit well enough.

By switching to a professional whitening system you can look forward to better results in a shorter time frame. Your dentist will provide you with top up whitening treatments so that you can retain your bright, white smile for as long as possible.


To find out more about why you shouldn’t be reading teeth whitening strips reviews and how a professional teeth whitening solution can benefit you, please contact us: (02) 8188 4625.

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