If you have avoided professional teeth whitening treatments because you’ve been concerned about teeth whitening cost at your dentist, you should read on. There are plenty of products on the market, all vying for attention and making promises about a whiter smile but if it isn’t endorsed by your dentist, your expectations probably won’t be met.

Over The Counter Whitening Kits

We understand: every time you Google anything about whitening, or visit the dental aisle of your local store you are inundated with brands and claims. But there’s a fundamental flaw with over-the-counter products and that is that they simply do not contain a strong enough concentration of whitening agent to deliver effective results.

Whitening strips

Whitening strips are generally not customised for the size and shape of your teeth and, as a result, do not cover the entire surface. This means that the flat surfaces of the teeth may be exposed to the whitening strip, but the sides and rounded corners of the teeth do not.

Whitening gels

Again the problem with store-bought whitening gels is that they aren’t strong enough to penetrate the tooth’s enamel to lift the stains. Whitening toothpastes may contain abrasive substances that break up surface stains but on the flip side, if you use them too often, they can damage your teeth. Ultimately though, they still aren’t strong enough to access your teeth’s dentin.

At Randwick Smiles we prefer to see our patient’s hard-earned money being put to effective use. In light of this, we only endorse products that yield effective results. Our two top whitening brands are Opalescence and Pola Day.

But what about the cost, you might ask? Over the long term you could spend thousands of dollars trying and testing whitening products that do not work, wasting your money in the process.

There’s also the reverse side of the argument: some patients should not have teeth whitening done and if they do, can cause damage. Ultimately your dentist should give you the go-ahead to have a whitening treatment, after he or she has assessed the condition of your teeth and gums. If you have tooth decay or receding gums, the bleaching agent can cause damage and further complications that are costly to fix.

Investing in professional teeth whitening might cost you a bit more in the short term, but affords you long term benefits that will genuinely make you smile.

When you are under the guidance of your dentist he or she can help you manage the risks and help you to achieve your long term dental goals. These are the teeth whitening treatments that we recommend to eligible patients.

Opalescence Professional Whitening

A take-home whitening gel, Opalescence gets our nod of approval because it adopts a custom approach to take-home whitening. It’s safe and effective, and has been whitening smiles for more than 25 years.

Your trays are created to match the shape of your smile, for an even whitening result.

Opalescence is also available in four different strengths, allowing your dentist to choose the strength that will benefit you the most. The active ingredients are hydrogen carbamide and hydrogen peroxide, which penetrate your enamel to get to the intrinsic stains inside the dentin of your teeth. The oxygen molecules from the bleaching agent react with the stained molecules, breaking them up.

Pola Day Professional Teeth Whitening

Pola day whitening treatments have been designed to give patients the efficiency of a professional treatment from the comfort of your own home. The bleaching agent is available in a range of strengths, from 3% to 9.5% hydrogen peroxide, affording you plenty of options to achieve your ideal result.

Using the Pola system, you will identify the shade of white you want together with your dentist, and he or she will devise a treatment plan to help you achieve it.

We like Pola day because it is fluoride-rich, protects against demineralisation of your teeth, and protectis your gums against sensitivity. We also like the accelerated results it achieves: most patients are happy with their results after seven days, applying their treatment for only 30 minutes a day.

But what about the cost of teeth whitening?

Offering professional take-home whitening means that we can offer our patients the best of both worlds: professional quality at a fraction of the cost of in-chair whitening and still under the supervision of a dental professional.

To give you an idea of what that price comparison translates into, smile.com.au National Dental Fee Survey in 2017 cites an average cost of $610 for a take home treatment compared to around $260 per tooth for in-chair whitening. Of course you should also budget the cost of your professional cleaning into the final total.

To find out how you can save more on teeth whitening cost in the long term please call our practice to speak to a professional: (02) 8188 4625

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