When parents hear that their kids need braces their first thoughts go straight to the burning question: how much does teeth straightening cost? We all know that orthodontics is an important, complex and costly investment. But we also recognise exactly that: it is an investment in the lifespan of your teeth that should not be neglected.

As orthodontic technology has advanced the answers to that question have become more detailed, simply because there are so many more treatment options available today. Orthodontics Australia says that you can budget in the region of $5000 and $9000 for an 18-month treatment plan, but of course that’s an average and your bill will be based on a number of different factors that relate to your diagnosis.

Every case is different and each patient will need a different approach to treatment.

Let’s take a look at the cost of teeth straightening and the factors that will influence your treatment plan.

What Is Included In Your Estimate?

Your dental practitioner will probably give you a fully comprehensive quote that includes all your consultations over the treatment period, as well as the cost of the braces. The figure will look high at first glance, but it’s the cost for the next year and a half of your life, and the idea is to preserve your teeth for the rest of your life.

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How Long Do You Need Teeth Straightening For?

The duration of your treatment plan will have a direct impact on its cost. And, your self discipline in following your dentist’s instructions is also part of how successful this is. The longer your treatment plan, the more visits to your dental practitioner, and thus, the higher the cost. If you only need minor correction, the duration of your treatment will be shorter and the cost lower. For example, Invisalign’s treatment programs range from six to 18 months in duration.

Early interventions are usually the most successful and shortest but great progress has been made in recent years with regard to adult orthodontics and it is possible to straighten teeth even many years after the adult teeth have emerged.

Your discipline can affect the success of your treatment plan. In some cases patients that are extremely diligent and follow their practitioner’s instructions may have their braces removed early.

What do you need to correct?
Orthodontics can be used for the treatment of crooked or crowded teeth, gapped teeth, cross- under- or over-bites or to correct the position of your jaw.

What Kind Of Teeth Straightening Device Will You Use?

Of course the system you use will have a direct impact on the costs you can expect to pay. The newer and more modern treatment options are very impressive but they do come with a higher price tag.

If you opt for clear aligners like Invisalign, your budget may range from as little as $4 500 but could be up to $9 000, depending on the details of your diagnosis.

Lingual braces are generally the most expensive option, costing in the region of between $7 500 and $12 500. Ceramic braces can range from $5 000 to $8 000.

Patients who have metal braces fitted can expect to pay less than if they were to opt for ceramic braces, lingual braces or clear aligners. Metal braces that are applied to both the top and bottom teeth are likely to cost between $4 500 and $8 000.

If you need any other procedures, such as an extraction, you can expect to pay more.

Where Are You Having The Treatment?

Different parts of the country also experience some price fluctuations with practitioners in the cities like Sydney and Melbourne charging higher fees than those operating in outlying areas.

Your dental practice will also determine its fees based on the experience of the practitioner and the amount of time and skill required for the treatment.

So how do you choose the best course of treatment?

Your dentist will discuss your lifestyle and teeth straightening needs with you, and can show you comparative costs. Remember that you will need to live with his decision for at least the next 18 months so it does need to be a solution that is going to work for you over the long term. Whatever you do choose, make sure you commit to it fully to realise the benefits.

When making your decision about the type of braces you want give consideration to factors like:

1. How easy are they to clean?
Lingual braces might look great but if you can’t clean them properly you may end us frustrated.

2. How much extra effort is required?
Clear aligners are great in theory but if you are not willing to clean them properly and wear them for the minimum of 22 hours per day, they will not be effective. Invisalign might be an option for adults but less responsible children who are still growing up may struggle with the added responsibilities it brings.

3. What is your threshold for discomfort?
Metal braces may not be very comfortable for people who have mouth sensitivities or people who play a lot of sport. They may be more affordable, but if they pose a risk they may not be best for you. Having said that, today’s metal braces are much smaller and more manageable than they used to be.

4. How do you feel about the cosmetic element?
Some people are less concerned by the appearance of braces than others. If you are someone who would potentially not enjoying wearing braces, a ceramic, clear or lingual braces would probably be best for you. If you only need the treatment for a short period of time and are less concerned with how you look, metal braces may be an option.

Having your teeth straightened is an investment in your future. It will make your teeth easier to clean and improve your oral hygiene, improve your smile and sense of self-confidence and help you avoid other health risks.

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  1. Xavier Cochra

    My teeth are crooked. It never really bothered me until this past year when one of my friends pointed it out and I am just so self conscious. My parents wouldn’t want to pay for my braces either as they’re quite pricey. I would do anything for straight teeth but what can I do to help? Thanks for making it known how certain factors may influence the treatment plan so I would first call around and get some info.I might consider getting financing for my braces then. Maybe I can work something out.

  2. Hannah Wilder-Neligan

    My crooked chipped teeth embarrass me so at this point I need to see a dentist. But there are so many factors to consider like the cost and even method of doing treatment so I thought I could take a look at some useful information online with specific details. I’m very glad to run across this write-up because I found all of them here. This is an investment in myself so I want to be clear at every step along the way so this has helped me big time. Thank you very much.


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