If the idea of professional teeth whitening has intimidated you into taking matters into your own hands, this article is for you. We’re realists: we understand that a lot of patients may think they do not have the time or resources for a professional whitening treatment. So today we are going to have a look at the benefits of having your teeth whitening administered by a professional and how that little extra can make a really big difference.


Some background on teeth whitening

The popularity of a white smile has resulted in huge demand for whiter teeth. and, like every industry when something becomes popular, competitors create cheaper (often less effective products) to monopolise on the craze.


The advent of teeth whitening was purely coincidental in itself: dentists used to treat gum disease with hydrogen peroxide rinses. They noticed that these patients’ teeth became whiter over time, and then someone packaged it and sold it as a product.


There now exists a huge selection of at-home and over-the-counter products to cater to every budget. And that is probably the biggest differentiator: price.


Let’s check out the pros of having your teeth whitened by a professional.


Your Dentist Can Administer A Higher Concentration Of Bleaching Agent

In Australia, only dentists can whiten teeth with bleach stronger than 6%. In-chair treatments may use concentrations of hydrogen carbamide or hydrogen peroxide up to 38%. Why does this matter? Well, at this strength the bleaching agent can actually penetrate the enamel of your teeth and access the dentin. This enables the bleach to break up the stains under the surface. Bleaching agents containing only 6% hydrogen carbamide or hydrogen peroxide are only effective at addressing surface stains.

Your Dentist May Offer Power Bleaching

Some in-chair treatments are activated with a blue light, LED or laser. This can speed up the rate of the treatment, but it can also help in removing more stubborn stains or used to treat areas of the teeth with heavier staining so that the end result is even.


Professional Teeth Whitening Does Not Weaken Your Teeth

Studies suggest that professional whitening treatments offered by dentists do not weaken the enamel of the teeth, but that at-home treatments just might. It is recommended that any at-home whitening treatments are done under your dentist’s supervision because the evidence does suggest that these kits accelerate mineral loss in tooth enamel and continued use over time can weaken your teeth.


Your Dentist Will Adopt A Customised Approach

Before you go ahead with whitening, your dentist will assess the condition of your teeth and soft tissue. Taking this as well as your whitening expectations into account, he or she will make a recommendation in respect of the type of product, the number of treatments and the length of time required. The whitening trays that are used will be custom-created to fit the shape of your mouth so that the full surface of your teeth is exposed to the whitening gel.

By contrast, when you purchase an at-home kit all the elements are generic. If the trays or strips do not fit you perfectly there isn’t really anything that you can do about it than have an unevenly distributed whitening treatment.


Your Dentist Manages Risk

When using any kind of bleaching agent on your teeth it is important that all of your soft tissue is covered and doesn’t come into contact with the bleach. It can be difficult to manage this on your own, but your dentist will ensure this is done professionally during an in-chair treatment.


Your dentist will perform the pre-treatment examination to manage other risks like cracks in your dental enamel or cavities that need filling. If you are not a candidate for whitening because you require more extensive dental treatments, you will also receive this feedback and be in a position to make an informed decision.


He or she will also give you tips to manage tooth sensitivity, which is a common side effect of teeth bleaching when higher concentrations of bleach are used.

Your Dentist Will Give You A Realistic Picture (Literally)

Most professional teeth whitening systems show patients what kind of results they can expect before they go ahead with the treatment. With a whitening salon or at-home treatment, you are often just hoping for the best, with no real indication of what to expect afterward. As such, most patients are disappointed with self-administered whitening treatments.


Get A Whiter Smile, Faster

Most professional teeth whitening treatments produce the desired result in one treatment, and that can be as quick as 30 to 60 minutes. A lot of patients find it convenient to pop into our practice during their lunch break and go straight back to the office afterward. This is ideal if you want to brighten your smile for an important event.


By getting professional teeth whitening you can get the results you want, within your budget and time frame. To find out more speak to a professional: 02 8188 4625.


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