Even though dentures are false teeth, they need as much care and attention as natural teeth. Knowing how to clean dentures ensures you have a healthy mouth and denture.


Tips on How to Clean Dentures Randwick

The Importance Of Cleaning False Teeth

Just like your natural teeth, dentures are at risk of invasion from plaque, tartar and stains which is why we recommend patients get into a daily denture cleaning routine.

Denture cleanser tablets provide a deep clean while brushing removes food debris and bacteria.


Here are 5 simple tips for cleaning false teeth:

  1. Rinse after eating – Food getting stuck to or beneath your dentures can cause a number of problems including bad breath and gum inflammation. To avoid this, try wherever possible to remove your dentures after eating and rinse them. Handle your dentures with care and fill the sink with water to prevent damage should you inadvertently drop them.
  2. Brush every dayDon’t forget to take your dentures out every day to clean them. Let them soak before brushing them with denture cleaner and a soft-bristle toothbrush. (Do not use regular toothpaste as its abrasive nature could damage your dentures). This helps remove food and plaque and keeps your dentures stain-free.
  3. Clean your mouth – You can use your soft-bristle toothbrush to clean your palate, cheeks, and tongue – just remember not to use denture cleaner!
  4. Soak your false teeth every night – It’s important to keep your dentures moist at all times as this helps them to retain their unique shape. Most dentures can be stored safely in a denture solution or warm water while you sleep but check with your dentist regarding your brand of dentures.
  5. Keep dental appointments – Your false teeth will need to be examined and professionally cleaned on a regular basis. The fit will be checked, and any adjustments carried out to ensure they remain comfortable.


Still have questions about how to clean dentures? We want to help you keep your mouth and gums clean and healthy. Please contact Randwick Smiles on (02) 8188 4625 if you need more information.

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