Many people find the decision to straighten crooked teeth to be an easy one. The hard part is deciding how to straighten teeth since there are many options to choose from. While clear aligners have grown hugely in popularity, they aren’t for everyone and if you have more complex orthodontic problems then often, a traditional brace is the best option

But what if you can’t bear the thought of wearing a metal brace, after all, it’s not the best look when meeting business associates; and anyway, aren’t metal braces just for kids?

Here at Randwick Smiles, we provide a solution in the form of clear braces (ceramic) that do a great job of teeth straightening and are far less visible than metal braces. If you need braces that can fix crooked teeth, misalignments, and crowded teeth as effectively as conventional braces, and do so discreetly, then ceramic braces are well worth considering.


How to Straighten Teeth With More Confidence?

Ceramic or clear braces have become a popular alternative to metal braces and not without good reason. Because they have tooth-coloured brackets and wires, they enable the wearer to smile with confidence throughout their treatment. They’re also a preferred choice with those on a tight budget since they are more affordable than Invisalign – the leading brand of clear aligners – partly because there are no lab charges to pay. 


How are they used?

In much the same way as metal braces, each ceramic bracket is glued to individually to each tooth. The next step is to thread a thin wire through each bracket that is held in place with elastic. The wires apply constant pressure to the teeth which gradually shifts them into their correct position. Patients need to visit their dentist regularly to have their wires tightened or replaced and to check their progress.


The Advantages of  Teeth Straightening with Clear Braces

Patients opting for clear braces will experience several key benefits that those choosing metal braces won’t. These include:

They look better in photographs

Let’s be honest, the main concern for anyone wondering how to straighten their teeth is how they’re going to look. With clear brackets, there’s no need to worry about how you’ll look when having a photo taken because you’ll be hard-pushed to notice them.

advantages how to straighten teeth randwick

With the addition of a coloured archwire that blends in seamlessly with the shade of your teeth, your braces will all but disappear in pictures. 


They’re durable

If there’s one thing that concerns people considering clear braces for teeth straightening, it’s that they won’t be as durable as metal braces. While it’s fair to say that metal is on the whole tougher than ceramic, over time, the manufacturing process has been refined to ensure the highest levels of durability. Unless you’re regularly involved in contact sports, there shouldn’t be a problem, and in any case, you should be wearing a mouthguard to protect both your teeth and your braces. 


They Won’t Demineralise Your Teeth

While tooth enamel is considered to be the strongest mineral in your body (even stronger than bone) acids and other ingredients found in foods and other substances, can soften and attack tooth enamel leaving the teeth more susceptible to decay. 

Fortunately, advances in technology mean that the bonding agents used to attach the braces to the teeth are as strong as they can be, yet gentle to your teeth. In the past, braces used to fix crooked teeth resulted in colour changes and demineralisation of the tooth enamel. However, modern-day materials and methods are designed to eliminate the problems that earlier generations faced with teeth straightening


Less gum irritation 

Metal braces can cause painful scratching that irritates the gums and inside tissues of the cheeks. Clear ceramic braces, on the other hand, have smoother rounded edges that feel more comfortable throughout the teeth straightening process. 


May work faster than clear aligners

Clear aligners are a popular option with people concerned about the visibility of braces on their teeth. They also like them because they can be removed. However, what makes one treatment good for some people isn’t necessarily as good for others. 

Because clear braces are worn continually on the teeth 24/7, they constantly apply pressure to straighten crooked teeth. However, clear aligner trays can get lost, removed too often, or forgotten about, which can result in a slower treatment time. 


Are Clear (Ceramic) Braces Right For You?

Healthy gums, healthy teeth, improved facial structure, and higher confidence levels are all benefits you can expect when using clear braces to correct your teeth. 

Why not schedule an orthodontic consultation with our experienced dentists to ask about ceramic braces and other options. Call Randwick Smiles today on (02) 8188 4625.

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