Teeth whitening is a really effective way to look younger but just how much does teeth whitening cost in Australia? The answer to that question depends on where you go, the kind of treatment you have, and the number of sessions required to get your teeth to your desired shade of whiteness. Let’s have a look at what you can expect to pay for whitening treatments, and the kind of whitening this affords you.


Professional Teeth Whitening

We realise that there are plenty of whitening toothpastes, whitening kits and gels on the market at the moment, and it can be quite confusing for patients to make informed decisions. We would like to urge you not to try any whitening products unless you get them from your dentist.

Not all over-the-counter whitening treatments are effective, because they contain a very small amount of bleaching agent. Patients are disappointed by a lack of results or even inconsistency of results. Not only that, cheaper teeth whitening treatments often won’t protect your tooth enamel or re-mineralise your teeth, and some can cause damage.

Even seemingly ‘innocent’ ingredients like baking soda, lemon and charcoal can do damage to the surface enamel of your teeth, by creating little tears – and sometimes these ingredients are in your toothpaste, as well as in whitening products.

Whitening treatments endorsed by your dentist are safe and are backed by proven results. They are also recommended as a solution to your particular case, by a professional and offer you the best results – whether you opt for an-chair treatment or take-home whitening kit.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

At Randwick Smiles we make use of Pola Day and Opalescence whitening treatments. Your friendly dentist will make a cast of your mouth and create customised trays that you will wear for the recommended duration.

Having custom trays ensures an even and consistent whitening result, and ensures all surfaces of your teeth come into contact with the whitening gel, while protecting your gums and soft tissue.

In-Chair Whitening

You can have your teeth whitened in your dentist’s chair. These procedures are usually very quick, but are priced a bit higher than take-home whitening costs.


How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

It’s almost impossible to give prices over a website – the only sure way to know what your teeth whitening will cost is to book a consultation with your dentist. But we also understand that patients need to know exactly what kind of cost they can expect, so the good news is that we have found some averages on the Internet, which give you an idea of how much to expect. Remember that your cost will be more or less – depending on your personal case.

Smile.com.au reports based on its National Dental Fee Survey from 2017, where a take-home whitening kit can cost an average of $610. Professional in-chair whitening can cost up to $260 a tooth. Don’t forget that before you can go ahead with any kind of whitening, it’s important to have a consultation and professional clean from your dentist.

This will ensure that your teeth are free of cavities and decay, and that your tooth enamel is healthy enough to cope with a high concentration whitening gel. Having your teeth professionally cleaned also removes all traces of plaque and tartar, which means your final whitening result will be even and smooth. Smile.com.au also reports you can expect to budget around $280 for your pre-whitening consultation.


Is Teeth Whitening Worth The Cost?

If you are trying to decide whether you should use a dentist-endorsed professional whitening treatment or an over-the-counter product, then whitening is worth the investment.

Your teeth should last for the rest of your lifetime with good dental hygiene and professional care. Scrimping on a whitening treatment in order to save a little cash now could have counterproductive consequences later on.

Remember that you can use whitening products with more than 6% hydrogen peroxide only under professional supervision, so if the over-the-counter product you want to use has a lower concentration you may not get the results you want.


To find out more about teeth whitening cost in Australia or how much you should expect to budget for treatment, please contact us: (02) 9398 9398

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