While dentures are designed to withstand typical tasks like biting and chewing, they aren’t as durable as natural teeth. Moreover, the same contemporary materials that make-up modern lightweight and aesthetically pleasing appliances are also quite fragile – particularly when knocked or dropped.

If you have had an accident with your false teeth and want to know how to fix broken dentures, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’re going to explain your broken denture options and what you should (and shouldn’t) do. So let’s dive straight in and take a look…


Rule number 1 – never try to fix broken dentures yourself 

While it may be tempting to try to fix your broken denture, it’s worth remembering that dentures are actually precision-crafted dental appliances designed to improve the functionality of your bite. In other words, they are custom-made to fit the exact contours of your mouth.

Because of this, unless you are a dental professional, it’s unlikely that any kind of repair you make will generate that exact same bite alignment. Therefore, you could end up with an ill-fitting denture that is likely to cause you much discomfort, not to mention a great deal of embarrassment. Moreover, if self-fixing has caused further damage, you may need to replace your denture with a new one. Inevitably what started off as a simple denture repair could end up costing you a whole heap of cash.


So what about Superglue – after all, it fixes most things right?

As tempting as it sounds to repair a cracked or broken denture with superglue – don’t! This is because…

  • Most glue – and superglue is no exception – gives off toxins which can be harmful when ingested
  • Superglue, in particular, is water-soluble so when placed in a damp area like the mouth it’s extremely unlikely that the repair will hold.
  • Finally, most commonly used household glues including superglue don’t react well to dental ceramic. As such it’s highly likely that your denture will experience some degree of warping.


Rule number 2 – Call your dentist for a broken dentures appointment

If you have broken dentures then instead, give your denture dentist a call and explain the situation.

You will need to describe what part of the denture is broken and from there they will be able to assist you in making an emergency broken denture appointment.

In many cases, dentists or prosthetists will set aside some time during each working day to deal with emergency cases. So, if you rely completely on your denture to chew, eat, and speak properly, then in most cases, while not a medical emergency, it will be considered an urgent repair.


Rule number 3 – How to fix broken dentures – Source a denture repair kit

There may be a delay between calling your dentist or prosthetist and attending the appointment. So if you really can’t do without your broken dentures then the good news is that you can buy broken denture repair kits. These are available from most pharmacies in Australia. Be aware though that while many claim to fix cracks, they should only ever be used as a temporary solution, until you can get to see a dental professional.


Rule Number 4 – Follow through on your emergency appointment

While it may sound obvious, you should always follow through on your denture repair appointment. Don’t rely on a temporary fix as above because over-the-counter denture repair kits aren’t designed to be a permanent solution.

Instead, your dentist will take a closer look at the cause of the problem. If the damage is minor, such as a chipped acrylic tooth, it should be possible to fix it there and then. If, on the other hand, your denture is severely damaged and needs sending away to the local dental lab for repair, then your dentist will fit you with a temporary interim denture. This way, at the very least, you will never be without teeth. Whatever your broken denture problem, an experienced dentist will be able to assist.

So there you have it – three rules on how to fix broken dentures and one (very important) rule on what you shouldn’t do.

If you have a broken full or partial denture that needs fixing or your denture breaks, you can count on the team at Randwick Smiles to help. We’re a comprehensive family-centred dental clinic in Randwick who amongst other services provide guides or tips for denture care, contemporary custom dentures, and denture repair or reline.

Our experienced team have been maintaining the smiles of the people of Randwick for over 10 years and we guarantee you a high degree of urgent and sympathetic care to get you smiling, chewing, and talking with confidence again. Call our dental office today on 02 8188 4625 to book an emergency broken denture repair. Our team are here for you in your time of need.

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