If you are an anxious or nervous patient, then Randwick Smiles is proud to be your happy gas dentist in New South Wales. Happy gas, or nitrous oxide as it is formally known, is extremely popular with our patients because it is fast-acting and makes the experience stress-free for dental treatments.

Happy gas is a form of sedation or sleep dentistry but you are not actually asleep for your dental treatment. You are merely put into a state of extreme relaxation to make the experience more pleasant for you. Happy gas also numbs the senses, including the pain response, so your sensitivity to pain is also reduced.

When Patients Are Anxious

We understand that there could be many reasons to feel nervous or anxious about visiting a dentist. Some patients have had traumatic experiences in the past, or may feel incredibly stressed out simply because they are in a medical environment. Other patients may have an innate fear or needles or simply be afraid of a complex or lengthy dental treatment.

Whatever the cause of your anxiety, laughing gas really can take the edge off and relax you enough for a smooth dental treatment. We find that sometimes patients avoid or put off treatment because of their fears. With the help of sleep dentistry, patients can get much-needed treatments and make the experience easier.

Nitrous oxide is safe for use in children and even if a child does not have anxiety about their treatment, it may help them to sit still while important dental work is being carried out.

At Randwick Smiles we are committed to offering our patients sleep dentistry services to make their experience more pleasant.

What Is Happy Gas?

Happy gas is a colloquial term for nitrous oxide, a gas that is inhaled through your nose to induce a state of relaxation. It takes effect in your body in just a few minutes and just as quickly as it takes effect, when your dentist stops administering it, the effects wear off. This means that, unlike after anaesthetic, you can usually drive yourself home after treatment.

What Are The Effects Of Nitrous Oxide?

Some patients report that they feel extremely well and happy. Some patients say that nitrous oxide makes them feel a little light-headed or like they are floating. Most patients feel a bit warmer as well.

In very rare cases some patients have reported a headache or a feeling of nausea after treatment but this can usually be managed by administering oxygen afterwards.

After the treatment your dentist will administer oxygen for a few minutes to help you re-adjust. You will probably sit still for five to ten minutes afterwards, and then you should feel like your normal self again.

How Does It Work?

Your happy gas dentist will place a mask connected to a nitrous oxide tank over your nose. You will just breathe normally, in and out of your nose, and your dentist will control the amount of gas that you inhale until you have achieved the level most comfortable for you. You will maintain consciousness while your dentist is working, so you can see and hear. If your dentist speaks to you or asks you to do something, you will be able to respond.

Is Sedation Dentistry For You?

If you are not pregnant and do not suffer from any respiratory disorders, obesity or sleep apnoea you may be a candidate for laughing gas.

If you are a patient who fears the dentist or who has delayed receiving treatment because of fear or anxiety, then sedation dentistry could make a world of difference to your dental health. Laughing gas can be used for most treatments, no matter how small.

Some dentists like to test the amount of nitrous oxide their patients will need prior to treatment but your dentist is able to adjust the levels of laughing gas you receive during treatment. He or she will communicate with you throughout, to ensure you have achieved the desired level of relaxation before starting work.

Do you need a happy gas dentist to put your fears at ease? There’s no reason to delay dental treatment. Please call our practice to speak to a professional: (02) 8188 4625.

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