“How much does Invisalign cost” produces over 8 million search results in Google so you can see just how popular this method of teeth straightening has become. The main reason people are choosing Invisalign over traditional braces is discretion and because the cost of “invisible braces” is becoming more competitive then this trend is only likely to increase.

Traditional braces still remain the preferred choice of many an orthodontist and there will always be a place in orthodontics for them. However, as long as the Invisalign cost remains comparable to the cost of conventional braces, aligner treatment will continue to be popular.

So, how much do Invisalign braces cost?

So getting back to the nitty-gritty of price, what is the cost of Invisalign? Well, generally speaking, you can expect to pay about $4,500 in Australia for minor treatments and between $6000-9000 for full treatment – although you may get a more accurate price using the Invisalign cost calculator.

Just like any brace treatment, Invisalign cost will depend on how complex your case is, how long treatment time will take, the location of your dentist, and the experience of your Invisalign provider.

How does Invisalign work?

It’s true to say that all braces and aligners work in the same way by gently moving teeth into their correct positions. While traditional braces depend on brackets and metal wires tightened at regular intervals to straighten teeth, Invisalign involves wearing a series of pre-programmed aligners which are swapped for the next set in the series every week or couple of weeks, according to your dentist’s prescription.

Each set of aligners moves certain teeth by a minuscule amount until finally, they reach their desired location.

Does Invisalign hurt?

You can expect to feel a little pressure on your teeth when your aligners are first changed but this is normal and soon wears off. For the most part, teeth are moved gently and gradually so there is no pain.

How long does Invisalign take?

Special software together with a 3D computer visual is used to plot the movements and the force required of individual teeth in order to get them to their desired location. The software also ensures that the right teeth are moved in the right order and at the right time. All of this information determines how many sets of aligners your treatment will need and how long treatment will take. One of the most exciting parts of the Invisalign process is that patients can view on screen how their smile will look at the end of treatment and this gives them the necessary motivation and commitment that’s needed to go ahead with Invisalign treatment.

So how can I save money on the cost of Invisalign?

Getting your perfect smile is a great investment and will do heaps for your confidence but wouldn’t it be good if you could get a helping hand? Well fortunately if your private health insurance includes orthodontics you may find that it provides cover for parts of your Invisalign treatment. In addition, most dentists provide payment plans to help you spread the cost. Another alternative is to check out the prices in less wealthy suburbs, as often location can affect the cost of Invisalign too.


Meanwhile, if you’re keen to correct and straighten your teeth in order to achieve your perfect smile why not come and talk to the friendly team at Randwick Smiles. We’re patient-centred in all that we do and will make treatment suggestions based on your dental needs, your budget, and your lifestyle. Give us a call today on (02) 8188 4625 and take the first step to your new smile.


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