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If there is any flaw in my teeth that I cannot address, it is the crookedness of them. Yes, I can whiten them, I can clean them to prevent cavities and tooth decay. But what I can never do on my own is to correct the alignment of my teeth. I would need a dental professional to do that for me. Yes, that was the reality before the development of at-home orthodontics. Now, there are several companies that provide a complete set of clear dental aligners for you to use at home – no dentist needed. So, now, your questions would be, what are these? Are these safe? How do they work? Which is the best invisible braces brand for me?


Editorial Choice

As a trusted and well-established dental clinic in Australia, we, at Randwick Smiles, have encountered several orthodontic problems that were addressed by dental braces and other supervised orthodontic treatments. Those who seek our help would be given several options on how we can address their teeth alignment issues. We even refer them to dental specialists if their needs require special attention from an oral surgeon, for instance. Before, we can only recommend Invisalign as our go-to metal-braces alternative. But now, there are so many other invisible braces options that you can check out and consider on your own.

It is somehow confusing and interesting (at the same time!) how one could get DIY invisible braces that they can have at home. We know how important the participation of a dental practitioner is in every orthodontic procedure, so we reviewed almost all brands that market their products as at-home orthodontic treatments using invisible braces. We found out how they work, how long the treatment period is, what customers say about them, and what makes their product thrive.  Of the numerous brands of clear aligners in the area that promise less dental consultations, nine of them stood out, of course including Invisalign. After several weeks of research and data analysis, here is our comprehensive review of each product detailing their nature, mechanism, unique characteristics, and price points.

Best Invisible Aligners With Orthodontic Recommendation: Candid

‘CandidCo partners with experienced orthodontists (not dentists) to collaborate with them when planning and executing all their orthodontic treatments for their customers.’

The Pioneer Mail-Order Aligners: SmileDirectClub

‘If there is a DIY invisible braces brand that can compete with Invisalign, it is SmileDirectClub.’

Most Budget-Friendly Dental Aligners: AlignerCo

‘Offering their at-home clear dental aligners for less than $1500 is one of the things AlignerCo is most noted for.’

Best Invisalign Alternative: ClearCorrect

‘ClearCorrect follows the exact footsteps of Invisalign, the only difference is it is less expensive than the pioneer brand.’

Best Post-Marketing Customer Service: Byte

‘Byte aligner customers get a lifetime warranty of their smile because if they encounter a relapse after their treatment, the correction is for free.’

The Clearest and Most Invisible Braces: SnapCorrect

‘SnapCorrect takes pride in manufacturing the clearest, almost see-through clear aligners.’

Cheapest Invisalign-Inspired clear aligners: Uniform Teeth

‘What separates Uniform Teeth from the shadows of Invisalign is their less expensive price tag and their promise that only experienced orthodontists supervise your treatment.’

The All-Inclusive Dental Aligner Package: SmileLove

‘SmileLove is proud of their pre-treatment and post-treatment package that takes excellent care of your teeth while correcting your alignment.’


Best Invisible Braces Comparison


Candid Clear Aligners


Website: candidco.com

Price: $2400 (paid in full or may be broken down to $399 down payment and $99 per month)

Duration: Average treatment time is 6 months

If you are looking through a myriad of clear aligners for a brand that assures efficiency as evidenced by having a specialist overseeing your whole orthodontic process, then you wouldn’t choose an at-home DIY invisible braces brand, right? Well, wrong. Introducing Candid. This brand of invisible braces is very proud that the treatment process that they work on is being managed by orthodontists alone, unlike others who tie up with general dentists to cut costs. With Candid aligners, it is easier to feel assured that your treatment is going to work faster and safer.

The Treatment Process

The start of the whole process is through a simple assessment on their website. The questions they ask you would help them decide if you are an eligible user of their product who will benefit from it. The next step can be done depending on your preference and availability. If you are near a Candid Studio (that’s how they call their physical clinic), you can present yourself there and have them get the images of your smile and teeth, as well as an impression of your whole dental cavity. So far, they have 24 locations scattered all over the US. But if you have no time to spare and would want to do it at home, you can go ahead and order an impression kit which they deliver straight to your doorstep. Send these back together with the specific images that they would require you to take, as a reference as well, to the return address indicated at the impression kit parcel. Within a few days or weeks of treatment planning and aligner fabrication, you will receive your whole treatment in the mail!

During the whole process, even during the DIY impression taking, you are requested to download their Candid app in order to fully understand the procedure and how your treatment should be done. The instructions are fairly easy to understand, the video tutorials and the guides are very informational, most customers we talked to who used Candid said that they barely had any questions during their treatment because everything was explained clearly.

During your treatment, Candid would alert you thru the app or through sending a message to your email if it is time to change your aligners, so you wouldn’t worry about missing your schedule. They also give you a chance to have virtual check-ups with their orthodontist through the AI Technology that they invented. You can send pictures of your teeth every week and let an orthodontist examine them to let you know if you are doing a good job and if Candid is really working for you.

The Treatment Considerations

The Candid clear aligners shipping may take a while. The website does not indicate how many days a patient should wait for his invisible aligners from the time he shipped the impressions. However, an online reviewer mentioned that it took her 17 days from the date she sent back her starter kit up to the time she received her parcel of orthodontic aligners.

The clear aligners could cause discomfort. This limitation is for all the orthodontic products, not necessarily just Candid. Of course, forcing your teeth to move will elicit sensitivity and pain.

Not everything you need to correct your teeth alignment is included. The treatment package includes all your dental aligners and a complimentary whitening kit that you can use after the treatment. However, it is common sense that you would have to wear a retainer after completing your procedure, and Candid, unfortunately, would charge you extra for that.

The Treatment Cost

The original cost of the Candid aligners started at $1900. After a few years of marketing and the business became popular, they now charge a $2400 fee for their whole treatment. You have a choice to work with their AI technology that is specifically determined to cut down the treatment period by 20% to 30%. However, getting the necessary paraphernalia for this innovation would also cost you extra money.

If there is anything that you can think of to make you feel good about paying this much money, we want to mention that6 Candid is donating to charity. For every starter kit and clear aligners set that a patient purchases, a portion of their sales ($25 each) goes out to Smile Train, an international charity organization that supports the treatments and surgeries of patients with cleft lip or palate.



Invisalign invisalign Website: invisalign.com

Price: $3000 to $7000 depending on the type of treatment and dental insurance coverage

Duration: Depends on the type of treatment plan (Express: 3 to 6 months; Full: more or less than 1 year) Virtually Invisible Aligners- that is how Invisalign marketed their orthodontic innovation since the late 1990s or early 2000s. This is the time when orthodontic solutions are equivalent to metal braces. Align Technology, the makers of Invisalign, started this innovative treatment that makes teeth alignment less visible and more comfortable to the patient. Up to this day, Invisalign is still the brand dental patients recognize and accept as the number one invisible braces.

The Treatment Process

To start your orthodontic journey, you will have a comprehensive consultation with your Invisalign-trained dentist or orthodontist where he will take several images and impressions of your dental cavity. Using these visual aids, he will come up with a customized treatment plan that would answer all your teeth alignment issues. If you approve of the digital blueprint of your treatment, he will then send this plan to the manufacturers where your complete set of dental aligners will be fabricated. Once he obtains this package, he will dispense your invisible braces a few sets at a time each time you present yourself for a follow-up. You have to wear your invisibly clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day and remove them when you are eating or brushing your teeth. Depending on the type of Invisalign treatment you and your dentist will prefer, the estimated treatment period will last for 3 to 18 months.  There are now 6 treatment options to choose from (Invisalign Full, Lite, i7, Teen, Express, and Go). Follow-ups with your dentist every four to six weeks are mandatory so he can monitor the treatment progress and give you your aligner replacements.

The Treatment Limitations

Your treatment package is under the care of your dentist. He will be the one to supply you with the set of aligners that you will use for the duration of your treatment until your next appointment. You can’t do it on your own. Because treatment follow-ups are necessary, you would have to allot a budget for the consultations to be scheduled at least on a monthly basis. It is not intended for severe types of malocclusion. Although Invisalign claims that their product can handle severe malocclusion problems, your dentist may still opt to put you on metal or traditional braces as these are still the go-to durable and strong orthodontic treatments for very crooked teeth.

The Treatment Cost

Invisalign can offer their product in different price tags depending on the location, type of treatment, dental insurance coverage, and the dental professional fee. Most online reviews would estimate the treatment cost between $3000 to $7000. This is comparably higher than what traditional braces would cost which is between $2000 to $5000.





Website: straumann.com/clearcorrect/en/home.html

Price: Typically $2500 to $5500 depending on the type of ClearCorrect treatment.

Duration: If worn correctly, ClearCorrect promises straighter teeth in 6 to 18 months

Where ClearCorrect and Invisalign are both concerned is to provide invisible alternatives in correcting our teeth alignment. Having straighter and healthier teeth can now be considered unnoticeable thanks to the innovation of invisible braces like these two. When Invisalign started gaining the much-needed demand for virtually invisible aligners, Straumann Group, a mega-developer of dental products, started to develop ClearCorrect, a less expensive, self-proclaimed better ‘copycat’ of Invisalign.

The Treatment Process

The whole ClearCorrect process is very similar to what Invisalign follows. An in-depth dental consultation starts the process, and the dentist will obtain the same image and impression requirements to plan out your treatment. The plan is carried out and the aligners become manufactured, and your dentist or orthodontist handles the complete treatment while giving you your necessary aligner sets in an organized manner. Follow-up consultations are also necessary for monitoring and dispensing, scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks.

Both ClearCorrect and Invisalign offer different treatment types based on your dental condition, and the former gives you three ( Unlimited, Limited 12, and Limited 6). You can expect that if your teeth alignment issues are minor, or you just need slight corrections after undergoing previous orthodontic treatments, your treatment period will be shorter and the results will be noticeable faster. You are also required to wear your clear aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day so that the gradual movement of your teeth is in accordance with your treatment plan.

The Treatment Considerations

The aligners are made thinner. This is a double-edged sword for ClearCorrect. Because it is thinner, it is more comfortable to wear and is less visible compared to Invisalign. However, patients who use this Invisalign alternative complain that their aligners are easily broken or damaged, making them purchase a different aligner more often than expected.

The aligners may cause discomfort. Let’s be honest; orthodontic treatments can never be comfortable. The thought of using smooth plastic to replace wires and brackets as your orthodontic appliance may lessen the nicks and cuts on the tongue, cheeks, and lip, but the movement of the teeth will still feel a bit inconvenient and make the teeth sensitive as well.

The Treatment Cost

One of the perks that ClearCorrect offer their customers is the fact that their treatment cost is far less than the pioneer Invisalign. Expect that their typical cost estimate will reach $2500 to $5500, depending on the treatment type you require. They also offer easy payment plans to make your orthodontic treatment convenient and hassle-free.



Uniform Teeth Clear Braces

uniform teeth

Website: uniformteeth.com

Price: Around $2500 to $5000 depending on the severity of your teeth alignment case; its website declares their pricing is 40% less than what Invisalign costs.

Duration: 6 to 10 months, depending on the severity of your malocclusion

If you think Invisalign is the only invisible orthodontic treatment that you can find, think again. There are so many other options that you can find that offers the same results and satisfaction. One of the frontrunners for this is a new brand called Uniform Teeth. This newest addition to invisible braces alternatives is now earning lots of funding for the research and development of their business, just one of the proofs that their company is a true strong competitor of other clear aligner brands.

The Treatment Process

Because it developed its treatment process based on how Invisalign constructed theirs, one can see several similarities in the way these two products work. There are just some little tweaks that Uniform teeth made which makes their procedure a bite better than what Invisalign usually does. The whole treatment process is a combination of in-office dental aligners and direct-to-consumer processes. Let us tackle the latter as we go along this comprehensive product review.

To start your treatment, the patient needing an orthodontic procedure should physically present himself for a comprehensive assessment performed by an orthodontist (not a dentist) who assesses your condition and comes up with an individualized treatment plan. He will take a 360° x-ray and 3D intraoral scan of your mouth to make sure that the treatment plan involves not just the superficial appearance of your teeth but the whole dental cavity. Once the plan is fabricated and the required clear aligners are manufactured, the entire package will be sent home to you so you can do the treatment on your own. However, do not fret, because Uniform Teeth has a specialized app that allows you to communicate with your assigned orthodontist every week so he can also monitor how your treatment is progressing. This way, you cut down ion unnecessary dental appointments but still get the supervision that you need to ensure your treatment efficiency and safety.

The Treatment Considerations

The aligner system is highly recommended for mild to moderate cases of malocclusion. Just like other clear dental aligners, most dentists and orthodontists would still choose the durability of metal braces than risk spending a decent amount of money for clear aligners. Although the makers of Uniform teeth assures you that their orthodontists will be able to help you treat even the most complex cases of crooked teeth, there is still a possibility that the aligners may break or get damaged during treatment.

The cost is a bit more expensive than other options. Uniform Teeth is a combination of the concept of having an in-office orthodontic treatment and a mail-order aligners. With that said, the cost of getting this option is also in between. It is slightly cheaper than Invisalign, but it is more expensive than other at-home orthodontic alternatives.

The Treatment Cost

As mentioned earlier, Uniform Teeth is somehow the middle guy; depending on how you see it. If you are looking for an Invisalign alternative that works very similarly like it, then the cost ranging from $2000 to $5000 may be acceptable. This is a bit more expensive though if you would compare it to other direct-to-consumer DIY orthodontic aligners.




smile direct club

Website: smiledirectclub.com

Price: Pay $1895 in full, opt to pay $250 down payment and $85 per month (SmilePay)

Duration: Average treatment period lasts for 4 to 10 months

The brand that started mail-order aligners. SmileDirectClub is one of the pioneer companies that thought of a way to make orthodontic treatment more accessible and convenient. We all have the perception that getting your teeth aligned would cost so much money, so we would rather leave our teeth alone and just hope that we are cleaning them properly to keep us away from dental problems. However, having crooked and poorly spaced teeth makes it easier for bacteria to thrive in our mouths, thereby increasing our risk to develop cavities and tooth decay. Wouldn’t it be nice if you have the option to have an affordable orthodontic treatment that would not need several dental office check-ups, that you can perform on your own, at the comfort of your home? Well, that is what products like SmileDirectClub are all about.

The Treatment Process

The treatment process is typical of many direct-to-consumer orthodontic treatments. You can visit their website and answer a simple online assessment that initially determines if you are eligible for the treatment. You can then either order a starter kit that contains all the things you need to have the pictures and impressions of your whole mouth necessary for treatment planning. Or, you can visit one of their SmileShops located in different parts of the country (across the world actually) where a dentist or orthodontist takes your scans and impressions on a face-to-face encounter. These scans and images will be assessed and a treatment plan will be designed. The clear aligners will then get manufactured based on your orthodontic objective and plan. These will all be sent directly to your doorstep so you can begin straightening your teeth on your own!

If you are scared to think that you are completely alone during the whole process, think again. Every now and then, about 90 days in between (every three months), a dentist or orthodontist would check in on you through your smart app so they can assess how your treatment is going and manage if there is a need for any adjustments or corrections.

SmileDirectClub has two ways to treat your malocclusion. You can either have the treatment during daytime or nighttime. The daytime-use invisible braces or aligners can fix your crooked teeth in as fast as within 6 months provided that you wear the aligners for up to 22 hours a day every day. The nighttime-use aligners, on the other hand, need only to be worn for up to 10 hours at night but the treatment period will be stretched to 10 months.

The Treatment Considerations

It may not be able to treat all teeth alignment issues. The reason why they conduct an initial online assessment is to somehow limit the number of people that order the starter kit, only to find out that they are not eligible for the treatment.

It is only recommended for mild to slightly moderate teeth alignment problems. If you have had previous treatments with braces and just want to manage a relapse incident, SmileDirectClub can handle your case. In fact, many of those satisfied clients of SmileDirectClub only have minor problems with teeth alignment and spacing. Correcting these mild conditions can make spending on orthodontic treatment for less worthwhile and satisfying.

Less orthodontic consultation may be a bit worrying for some. Not knowing if you are doing the treatment correctly is one of the main concerns people have with direct-to-consumer invisible braces. Yes, it is convenient and cheaper, but are you sure that you are doing it the way you should?

The Treatment Cost

SmileDirectClub’s full treatment plan costs about $1895. You can pay for this through a single full payment, or you can make it more convenient with SmilePay. This in-house payment plan lets you pay for an upfront down payment of $250, then have a monthly fee of $85 for 24 months. For SmilePay, the total cost will reach $2290, slightly higher than the original price, but is actually more convenient if you have no extra money to pay for the treatment in full.




byte me

Website: byteme.com

Price: $1895 for the whole treatment; can be paid using a monthly payment plan via bytepay or third party affiliates like Affirm and Splitit.

Duration: Typically lasts for 2 to 4 months

What makes Byte different from all other mail-order invisible aligners? A lot! Hailing from the USA and expanding its wings to Australia, this new orthodontic venture started in 2017 and has made the rounds in many online reviews as one of the best DIY orthodontic aligners ever created. Before, all invisible braces or aligners are mistaken to be Invisalign, but now, brands like byte would like to change this notion. Let us tackle all the ways byte is now innovating the direct-to-consumer scene with its different take on fast and safe orthodontic treatment.

The Treatment Process

The byte treatment procedure starts the way most mail-order invisible aligners work. You would have to order their impression kit (worth $95) in order to get impressions of your dental cavity. These molds, together with some images required by the byte team, must be sent back to them for evaluation. If you are found to be a good candidate for the procedure, you can go ahead and push through with the treatment. However, if you are ineligible, you can get a full refund of the $95 you paid for the starter kit.

For the eligible patients, byte sends a 3D presentation of your projected treatment plan based on the full-mouth impressions and images you sent. Through byte’s online patient portal, you can see the before and after projections of how your teeth would look like after the treatment. If you agree with the plan, just wait for your aligners to be delivered by mail in about a few weeks or so.

What makes byte very different from other DIY mail-order invisible braces is the components of your treatment set. Upon receiving your package, you will see that you have all the clear aligners that you need for your whole treatment period, with a storage case for hygienic safekeeping. It also includes a whitening agent they call BrightByte. This foam compound works three ways – whitens the teeth, cleans the invisible braces, and freshens your breath. Another unique feature of the byte’s treatment set is the HyperByte. The byte orthodontic treatment makes use of a high-frequency vibration (HFV) tool that helps the teeth to gradually move without making the patient feel any pain or discomfort. This technology is previously used by orthodontists, but patients would have to pay at least $900 for it. Byte is the only at-home invisible aligners company that offers this for free!

Byte users need to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day every day (or 10 hours at night), just like what other clear aligner brands would recommend. HyperByte should be used within the daily 22-hour treatment period for five minutes. Each set of aligners should be replaced every week, at night preferably.

Like SmileDirectClub, byte has two ways for you to use their clear aligners. One is to wear them during the day for 22 continuous hours every day. This option cuts your treatment period to an average length of 3 months. The other way is to wear it at night. Use the dental aligners for 10 continuous hours each night and with 4 to 10 months you can achieve the teeth straightening you have been dreaming of!

The Treatment Considerations

Problems with aligners during the treatment period can be addressed online. Byte has so many means for you to get a hold of them if you have questions during your treatment process. You can reach their customer service through phone, text, email, website’s patient portal, video chat, or social media accounts.

Byte offers a lifetime guarantee. As long as you are able to prove that you have previously used byte as your chosen orthodontic procedure, together with the required retainer, byte offers to shoulder any further treatments that you would need in your lifetime. For instance, if you suddenly notice that your teeth look crooked again, or there is a relapse in the teeth straightening, byte will give you additional treatment for free.

The wait for the dental aligners is quite long. From the moment you purchased the impression kit, you would have to wait at least 6 weeks for them to evaluate your scans and molds, design an individual treatment plan, and fabricate your aligners, before shipping them all to you.

The Treatment Cost

Byte also has two payment options that you can choose from. As a single full payment, you can purchase your byte daytime aligners for $1895, and your nighttime aligners for $2245. For those who would want to avail of their in-house installment payment plan, you can get the All-Day byte aligners for $83 to be paid for 25 months, with a $349 deposit. At-Night byte invisible braces fee can be broken down to 25 months payment of $98 with a down payment of 415. In total, the installment basis will make your daytime byte aligners to be worth $2424, and your nighttime invisible braces to be $2865. The total amount may look a bit more expensive, but thinking that the payment will be broken down to easy payments monthly is actually convenient.





Website: smilelove.com

Price: $1895 in full; can be acquired through the monthly installment of $79 per month for 24 months, with $250 down payment (total cost: $2145)

Duration: The average treatment period is 6 months, but depending on your case, you may need to wear it for up to a year.

A brand that promises to make your love your smile. SmileLove is a Tennessee-native orthodontic clear aligner brand that gives us another good option to have your teeth straightening procedure convenient and affordable. One of the main competitors of SmileDirectClub, SmileLove offers the same treatment process but slightly different materials and treatment composition. This company is actually slowly but surely making its name and dominating not just the orthodontic scene in the US but also in Canada.

The Treatment Process

As usual, for many DIUY mail-order clear aligners, the first thing you need to do is to answer an online survey from SmileLove’s website. This makes it easier for you to assess if you want to choose Smilelove and for the dental team to assess if you are a good candidate for their product as well. If all things go as planned, you will be required to purchase their specialized SmileLove impression kit worth $79. After ordering it, you will receive it after a few days. It contains the molds, the clay or putty, a mouth stretcher, and an informational instructions guide complete with pictures and tips on how to perfect your dental impressions. SmileLove also has an instructional video tutorial that you can watch before and while you are doing your impression molds. What makes them a bit more unique is that you get to inform them what size of impression kit you should get in order to send a perfect mold of your mouth.

After sending the impression kit back to the return address indicated in the package, wait for an email to be sent. This email is crucial since this is where they will ensure that they received your impressions and were able to design a treatment plan specifically targeting your evaluated orthodontic problem areas. They will include a preview of your treatment plan which shows the before and after images of your teeth from start to finish of the process. If you agree with their preview, accept the plan and this will prompt them to manufacture your dental aligners.

The treatment period will depend on the severity or complexity of your orthodontic issues. The SmileLove website estimates that the average treatment time is between 6 to 8 months, but most online reviews reported that the treatment can even last up to 18 to 24 months. Of course, a lot of factors affect this, including the compliance of the patient in following the correct instructions in wearing the invisible braces.

The Treatment Considerations

The SmileLove full kit is different from other mail-order clear aligners. Once you receive your treatment package, you will see that aside from the dental aligners, it also includes a remover tool, an aligner file, a user calendar, a set of free retainers, a carrying case, lip balm, and a whitening kit. What a combo, right?

In case you broke one aligner, you can have a workaround. SmileLove instructs their users in cases where the aligner breaks or gets damaged, you can wear the next set of aligners for the remaining days in combination with its usual wearing period. The aligners need to be worn for 2 weeks before replacing it with a different one. So, for instance, your present dental aligner gets broken or chipped after 4 days of wearing it, you can dispose that and instead use the next set for the remaining 10 days, on top of the two weeks that they were intended for.

The manufacturing of the aligners follows the ClearComfort™ Technology. This means that each aligner SmileLove has is custom-fitted and is accurately trimmed to fit the shape of your teeth along the very edges of your gums.

It has a SmileLove guarantee. Most DIY aligners have a money-back guarantee for the impression kits if they find out that you cannot be a good candidate for their treatment. This is already a one-up since some companies do not offer this warranty. However, SmileLove moves this up a notch by giving a unique guarantee. If you are eligible for the treatment as evaluated by the orthodontic team from your impression kit, but you were not satisfied with the treatment plan design that our staff created for you, you can still get your money refund.

The Treatment Cost

SmileLove is proud to offer several treatment payment options to its consumers. The first one of the single full payment of $1895. It also has a payment plan to have the full $1895 full payment be divided in 24 months ($79 per month for 2 years) along with a down payment of $250. The total cost would reach $2145, just a little over $200 from the full payment.



AlignerCo Clear Braces


Website: alignerco.com

Price: $1145 for one-time all-in payment; cost may be divided into easy installment plans (SmileFlex and Smile Flex Easy)

Duration: Treatment period may be as short as 6 months or may last up to a year depending on your orthodontic needs and requirements.

Only a few write-ups can be found online about AlignerCo, but if there is one thing that can make this at-home orthodontic treatment stand out, it’s that this brand has an unbelievably low price tag. Marketed and endorsed as a removable invisible braces brand that is 60% to 70% cheaper than other invisible aligners, this information will surely catch the attention of many, especially those who badly need teeth straightening procedures but do not have the money to afford one before. But honestly, AlignerCo is more than just a cheap clear dental aligner alternative; it can offer so much more.

The Treatment Process

The same way other at-home orthodontic treatments start, AlignerCo asks their customers to answer a questionnaire and purchase an impression kit worth $39 (a payment plan discussed later will make the impression kit come for free). Once you have finished doing an impression of your teeth, you have to send it back together with different images covering the angles of your dental cavity so that the orthodontic team can go ahead and plan your treatment. They will contact you once the plan is complete, and if you agree with their treatment approach, they will ask you to pay the necessary fee so they can go ahead and manufacture your aligners.

The treatment procedure is much like the other clear aligner options. What AlignerCo emphasizes that they offer differently is that they have a considerably more clear-looking dental aligners that are handmade and utilize materials approved by the FDA. You are advised to wear your clear invisible braces for 20 to 22 hours every day so that the recommended treatment period and results will be upheld and no delay or complication may arise.

The Treatment Considerations

AlignerCo lets you have the impression kit and a set of retainers for free. If you pay for your full treatment cost in a single go, the impression kit becomes free. The treatment package also includes the first set of retainers that you need to wear after you finished your orthodontic treatment.

AlignerCo is particular about the eligible candidates. This company makes the eligibility criteria quite clear even before getting the treatment. Patients should be 14 years old and above, or as long as your permanent teeth have all erupted. The procedure is also intended for mild to moderate orthodontic issues. If you are pregnant, they ensure that the materials used for the aligners are safe for you. Those patients who have dental implants who wants to avail of AlignerCo’s invisible braces may do so, provided that they wait at least 3 months after the implant surgery before starting the orthodontic treatment.

The Treatment Cost

This portion is one of the first things that many people look at when it comes to every invisible braces’ review. AlignerCo offers 3 different treatment plans that you can choose from. Smile Advantage lets you pay the full cost of $1145, and this already includes the impression kit and one set of dental retainers for post-treatment maintenance. If this plan is a bit too much for you, you can choose from SmileFlex and SmileFlex Easy. SmileFlex lets you pay $110 per month for 12 months, totaling the cost to $1320. SmileFlex Easy, on the other hand, gives you a different way to divide your cost by paying a down payment of $275 then dividing the remaining cost to $95 per month for 11 months as well. Do not worry because the latter option also totals your cost to $1320. What’s also great about these plans is that you are always 100% approved to have these payment plans. But if you have a good credit history, you can still opt for the usual credit card payments.



The General Advantages Of Getting At-Home Orthodontic Treatments

As the technology and science in the field of orthodontics pave the way for more innovations and improvements to come, we continue to see so many benefits of creating new ways and approaches in correcting one’s teeth alignment. Here are the general and most common pros of getting your orthodontic treatment at home.

The whole treatment process is convenient.

wearing clear bracesMany customers nowadays cannot spare time and effort to go to and from their dentist’s office to have their teeth and jaw alignment corrected. With the discovery of several DIY invisible braces, all you have to do is research online and choose one brand that suits your needs and preference.

They lessen unnecessary miscellaneous costs (in-office consultations, additional scans, other dental fees).

We know that dental procedures, including orthodontic treatments, mean expensive costs. Just the trips to the dentist can make you spend hundreds of dollars each. Getting the power to manage your treatment on your own can really save you time, effort, and of course, money.

They accept credit cards and dental insurance.

Paying for your necessities are made easier by using your credit card. Some establishments also allow you to pay for your orthodontic treatment using your dental insurance coverage. Talk to your insurance provider if your chosen DIY invisible braces are covered by your policy.

Some include free retainers in their package

After every orthodontic treatment of straightening your crooked teeth, the next thing you should do is ensure that you maintain its position. Thus, retainers are required to be worn. Luckily, some at-home invisible braces include a set of retainers in their treatment package. This benefit makes you save money and ensure that your teeth straightening procedure gets preserved.

Some include whitening kits

Another advantage that at-home DIY clear aligners have is the provision of several brands for a whitening kit. In-office orthodontic treatment would ask you to pay hundreds of dollars for this treatment on top of your main treatment cost. With brands like Candid, SmileLove, SmileDirectClub, SnapCorrect, byte, and many others have this benefit up their sleeves.

Some have their own payment financing plans

Do you have a bad credit history that may hinder you from availing an installment payment plan using your credit card? Well, there are brands that offer their own financial plans that ensure 100% approval. Companies like AlignerCo, byte, SmileLove, SnapCorrect, and SmileDirectClub want to make it more convenient and hassle-free for their customers, so they offer different payment plans to make this possible.


We hope that you are able to understand how at-home invisible braces work, why they can be good options for orthodontic correction, and what benefits you can get from them. Though we conducted this comprehensive product review with utmost integrity and honesty, highlighting each product’s features, we still would like to reiterate that the professional recommendation of your dentist or orthodontist is essential. They are the ones who understand your individual needs and can give you the best treatment option that can address your orthodontic issues.


Randwick Smiles enforces strict research policies and information gathering to ensure that our findings are valid and legal. The organized and collected information is all from reputable online sources, independent surveys conducted by our editorial team, and interviews with dentists and other dental specialists.


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