Are clear braces more expensive than metal braces” is a common question that we’re asked by patients considering orthodontic treatment. The answer in a single word is, yes. But before we explain the reason they cost more, let’s just clarify what we mean by ‘clear braces.’  Clear braces, or ceramic braces as they’re also known, are fixed bracket and wire style appliances. However unlike metal braces, brackets can be clear or tooth-coloured and the interconnecting wiring can also be coloured, making them far more discreet in appearance than their all-metal counterparts.


So, getting back to the initial question “are clear braces more expensive than metal braces?”

In the majority of cases, ceramic braces are a more expensive option than metal braces. This boils down to the higher-quality materials used. But patients should also note that in some cases, orthodontic treatment can take longer to achieve the desired results, and as we all know, time costs money.  But, how much are we talking? What is the cost of getting your dream smile with clear braces?


Cost of clear braces 

The cost of orthodontic treatment with clear braces depends on a number of factors which vary for each individual. The good news is, that you should be given an upfront price when you meet with our experienced dentists. This may also help you decide if clear braces are right for you.  Factors that can sway cost include…


Length of orthodontic treatment time 

The average length of treatment with clear or ceramic braces is around 18 months but this won’t apply to everyone. For minor alignment problems, you may wear your braces for a shorter period of time whereas, for more complex misalignments, treatment will take longer. As a shorter or longer period affects the number of visits to the dental clinic and therefore the number of adjustments, this can cause the cost to fluctuate accordingly. 


Additional appliances 

For most people, the only orthodontic device they have to concern themselves with is their braces. However, some people may require additional orthodontic tools or appliances to aid their straightening process. This can include bite correcting springs, expansion plates, or screws and implants for anchorage – all of which can add on to your existing treatment costs.

Additional treatments

Some people may also require additional treatments such as tooth extraction or gum disease treatment prior to undergoing clear braces. This may be necessary to help your braces correct not just your alignment problems but other oral issues too.

By correcting everything in one go, you should end up with a better smile and a healthier mouth. Plus, everything will be working in conjunction, making your orthodontic treatment more effective.  


Other fees

The cost of clear braces varies according to whether the fees are charged individually or included in a single price. Some dentists or orthodontists will include everything relating to your braces in one single quote while others may only include the cost of attaching the braces. It’s important to ask how the pricing structure works so that you can plan your finances accordingly. Just so you know, a few things that can result in additional fees include:

  • The initial consultation
  • Pre-treatments such as x-rays
  • Regular check-ups to monitor progress
  • Post-treatment care
  • Emergency treatment

Here at Randwick Smiles, we believe in giving you a full and final cost from the outset. This way you experience no nasty surprises. The only thing we can’t account for is the cost of emergency braces repair. However, provided you remain careful and take good care of your clear braces, the less chance there is of damaging them and needing emergency treatment. 


Post-treatment costs 

Finally, when your clear braces are removed, and your dream smile revealed,  you will still require follow-up visits to check that your newly straightened teeth are in their correct positions.  The cost of your braces will include these visits, but you may still need to purchase a retainer to prevent your teeth from moving out of alignment in the future. In severe cases, a patient may need to wear braces a second time round to finish correcting teeth that are particularly stubborn. 


General Overall Cost of Clear Braces 

In terms of price, the overall average cost for clear braces falls somewhere between $6,000 and $9,000 but yours could cost less or indeed more depending upon your situation. Before deciding whether to get ceramic braces, it’s worth checking with your insurance provider to see how much they cover and for what situations. This could help to reduce your out of pocket costs significantly.  So now you know the answer to “are clear braces more expensive than metal braces” why not book a consultation with the experienced orthodontic team at Randwick Smiles to see what’s the best option for you.

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